Stayed: Ulsan City Hotel

I took a luxury bus from the Gosok Terminal to Ulsan. It being a Sunday meant I just got the subway there, saving a good half-hour vs. cycling from home. There aren’t THAT many buses to Ulsan – about every 1.5-2 hours in the late afternoon – and I’d just missed one, so had Burger King to cheer myself up. There’s a decent Daiso in the terminal where I picked up some cheap headphones for the bus, having forgotten mine. Bike stands outside, lockers at the entrances make waiting around along pretty ok.

Bus was about 4 hours, with one bathroom stop. 2-1 seat layout (more expensive) but heaps of space for a bike underneath – albeit with quite narrow compartments, which meant the bike wouldn’t come out again with the front wheel on. Oops.

The hotel was a mere block and a half from the bus station, and was definitely the nicest hotel I stayed in during my trip (and not even the most expensive). They had no issues with me keeping the bike in my room, and the bed was really comfortable. There was also a No Brand a short walk away, where I stocked up on cereal bars and sunscreen the next morning.

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